Get ready for the all new T20

Drop-Safe Fit TWS earbuds made for sport.

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comes in different
sizes for a fit
suitable for
Improved Drop-Safe
Fit C-Skirt Design
for a more secure fit

Designed To Just Fit Better

The all new C-Skirt concept used on our T20 earbuds is ergonomically designed to
rotate into the ear and fits perfectly effectively preventing the earbud from falling off
when accidentally being touched or slipping when sweating during exercise.

Comfort Over Time

T20 earbuds offer comfort that stays over time, meaning you can use your earbuds all
day with ease, even after you've finished working out. This gives you more time to focus
on whats important and allows you enjoy music all day.

Water Resistant,
Built To Withstand All Workouts

Proven Comfort Over Extended Periods of Time
Thanks to a Scandinavian lead design our earbuds offer great comfort over time in all
situations no matter how they are used.

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