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It’s here,
the all new Letsfit App.
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this app is only compatible for devices that use
iOS 11.0/Android OS 6.0 and above, if you are using a
software version that is earlier than this you may
experience issues when using and/or not be able to use
the app or any functions on the app.
An easier way to view your health data.
Intuitive Charts
Get easy breakdowns of your fitness data in ways that are easy to read and simple to<br />understand including workout times, steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled and more.<br />All this data can now be found in our very own app, all connected between your<br />smartphone, Letsfit device, and yourself.
  • Workout Mins
    Shows you how much time you need to exercise every day.
  • Active Hours
    Alerts you regarding your level of activity over a period of time and
    will remind you when you have not been active.
  • Steps
    Get a quick breakdown of how many steps you have taken for
    the current day, month, or year.
All your workout data, stored in one place.
Analyze your workouts deeper with intuitive chats that let you see how you performed
during exercise sessions. You’ll be able to find all your data here and easily check your pace,
step frequency heart rate and calories burned during any specific training session to
understand how you are performing.

Easily check your pace, step frequency, heart rate, and calories burned during that time period
to be able to understand how you are performing better.

Sweet dreams are made of this.
Get in depth breakdowns of your sleep including deep sleep,
light sleep, and awake sleep to see how and where you can
improve your resting habits, a key part of staying healthy. You
can also plan your sleep time and set bedtime reminders and
wake up alarms straight from your Letsfit app.
The perfect partner for our all new App
With everything you need to get started tracking your health, the ID205S is here to
help you reach your fitness goals. Featuring a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking,
smart notifications and more you’ll be able to track your health in no time.
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Now with blood oxygen saturation measuring, the IW1 has arrived to allow you to get even deeper insights into your health. Paired with our Letsfit dedicated app you can get easy to understand breakdowns of your health data including your heart rate, sleep patterns, and more. There's also a bunch of great features waiting for you to explore.
It’s here,
the all new Letsfit App.
App Store Android
It’s here,
the all new Letsfit App.
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